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Great leaders make for great tours and, as you would expect, WildWings only works with people who we would want to lead a holiday if going away ourselves.

It goes without saying that our guides are all experts on the regions where they work for us and typically they have been previously been there on multiple occasions; indeed, some would be considered amongst the world experts on that area.

All are first-class birders and or experts on the other wildlife (eg speciality mammals) we look for and all have many years of field experience behind them.

Just as important, you will find them enthusiastic, professional and approachable, eager to share their knowledge with you, and imbued with WildWings trademark friendly and easy-going style.

Above all, they never lose sight of the fact that they are there to ensure everyone has a good time seeing lots of great birds and wildlife, whilst enjoying the best possible holiday experience.

Our team of principal guides is backed by a network of first-rate specialist agents and co-leaders that includes some of the world 's top regional experts and local guides. Where possible, and especially in developing countries, we seek to support the services of local guides. On certain tours, for example, China, Thailand and Brazil, our local guides possess a knowledge of the destination that is very hard to match. They often know the whereabouts of those sought-after specialities and we are constantly astounded by their skill and ability to track down and coax into view even the shiest and most skulking of birds and animals.

On many WildWings tours, our UK-based guide travels out on our recommended flight from London, although on some trips, where our guide is based in the destination country, is not resident in the UK or has travelled out in advance of the tour, they may not accompany the group on our recommended flights.

We strive to ensure that all guides accompany their stated tours but in assigning leaders eighteen months or more in advance, we reserve the right to substitute a leader/s where necessary.