WildWings and Limosa

Walrus CPC

Walruses on the sea ice close to Wrangel Island in the Russian Far East - previously only available to WildWings clients, trips such as this will now also be offered by Limosa increasing the chances of more expedition cruises having a dedicated WildWings/Limosa guide

In March 2021, two of the UK's best known bird and wildlife tour companies, Limosa Holidays and WildWings, joined forces under new ownership. Whilst both businesses will continue to have separate websites and offer their own distinctive brand of holidays, we believe this combination will bring many long-term benefits to our clients.

Limosa Holidays, for example, has been running small group all inclusive birdwatching holidays all over the world for almost forty years and the expert team of guides who worked for the previous owners have almost all elected to continue working with the new management team. We absolutely intend to continue with the existing Limosa philosophy of offering a great range of trips across the world which are meticulously planned, professionally led and with prices that are genuinely all-inclusive. Whilst the focus of these principally is on birds some also feature mammals, butterflies and more general wildlife watching.

For more information please visit the Limosa Holidays website.