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The Iracema is one of the vessels we regularly charter for our exclusive wildlife trips in the Brazilian Amazon. Although not luxurious, she is very comfortable and we consider her perfect for the sort of trip WildWings aims to run. There is an amazing local team aboard including some of the best wildlife spotters we have worked with anywhere in the world

With an office and guide team who between them have decades of experience, we know what goes into making a great wildlife holiday, be it one we are running ourselves or an expedition cruise operated by a third party operator.

For our own trips, the individual webpage will make clear what the primary focus is which will generally be birds, mammals or a mixture of the two. Some of our trips are highly specialised ie going after very specific species and this can lead to long hours in the field to maximise our chances of seeing our targets. Other trips are more general in nature and whilst the focus may be less specific, nevertheless, we always aim to see as much as possible.

As on most wildlife tours, we will usually start early to maximise on the early part of the morning which is usually when many birds and mammals are most active. Depending on the specifics of the trip, we may then either have a siesta during the heat of the day, use that period as an opportunity to travel to our next destination or continue wildlife watching. We will then offer a further period of wildlife watching in the afternoon and on some trips, there will also be optional after dark excursions. We always aim to maximise on your experience, irrespective of the destination

For the expedition cruises we offer, we will always make it clear if there will be a WildWings guide aboard, although it is important to appreciate that for some trips this requires a minimum number of bookings and this is usually stated on our website. If this total is not achieved then for many of the trips we offer, there will be wildlife guides aboard employed by the ship operator.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible holiday - one on which you will not only see lots of great birds and wildlife but also have a fantastic experience.