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7th Apr 2022

West Pacific Odyssey 2024 – bookings open

Bookings are now open for the West Pacific Odyssey in 2024 - one of the 'ultimate' seabird...

We are pleased to advise that bookings are now open for the 2024 Western Pacific Odyssey. This extremely popular wildlife-focussed expedition cruise sails from New Zealand to Japan and is often fully booked a considerable time in advance. If this is a trip which you are wanting to do then we would encourage you to contact our office soon to reserve a berth.

Limosa Holidays Managing Director and Guide Chris Collins was heavily involved in conceiving and setting up the birding logistics for this epic trip and has been on every departure since the first voyage in 2007.

Amongst the species we will be looking for is the New Caledonian Storm Petrel which has now been confirmed as a good species – please click here to read our news article about this bird. The voyage will also include time ashore on New Caledonia where the species we expect to see include the extraordinary Kagu.

Further north, another of the special birds that we expect to see is the amazing Short-tailed Abatross.